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Porn Stars Are The Saddest People

His stage name is Peter Hardwick. He is an adult film star and he is very bored with his work and his life— and is very, very sad about about it all. In this genre-defining blog, “Peter” deeply penetrates (uh-huh) the repetitive, mind-numbingly boring (drilling pun alert) world of adult film, the daily grind (punny!) of “plugging holes,” constantly working out, and the endless dissatisfaction of watching his youth slip away into the abyss of a life not planned as his vain efforts to breach the legitimate world of publishing recede further each day.

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The Claim Game: A Homeowner’s Guide to Avoiding an Insurance Catastrophe

Published on the fourth anniversary of hurrican Katrina, "The Claim Game" is a comprehensive guide for homeowners facing a property insurance claim. With step-by-step instructions, it guides homeowners through the claims process, how to avoid costly mistakes and pitfalls, and how to get their claim settled quickly and fairly. Available in E-Book format.

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Approaching Lightness

A Novel

Bored and melting, forsaken by his parents who escaped the hottest summer on record, 16 year-old Jimmy Woods has the entire summer at his fingertips yet feels empty-handed. With nothing to do and no where to go-a-whoa he takes a desperate step away from his dull life toward something that, at first, seems exciting and different but ultimately may be more dangerous than he recokoned.


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